June 21, 2011

  • Name: Daisy
  • Birthday: October 3rd
  • Sign: Libra
  • Favorite foodMole Poblano
  • Favorite drink: Agua de Tamarindo
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite song this week:
  1. Favorite outfit: Jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, and chucks.
  2. Hobbies:  Reading, day dreaming, journaling, watching youtube videos, running (though not as often as I'd like). 
  3. Guilty pleasures: Reality shows (Keeping up with the Kardashians, 16 & pregnant, Teen Mom, Family Jewels).
  4. Last dream you remember: I rarely remember my dreams. It's better this way.
  5. What comes to mind when i say cabbage: Cabbage Patch Kids!
  6. Favorite blogGirls Gone Child.
  7. Secret celebrity crush: Bam Margera (circa 2007. Lame, I know).
  8. Favorite gadget: I don't have many gadgets…my ipod.
  9. Three things you can't live without: books, concealer, chapstick
  10. Best book you've ever read: Anthropology of An American Girl
  11. Favorite quotation: I have a lot, here goes this one: Girls like me have raised presidents. We've raised messiahs and musicians, writers and settlers. Girls like me won't compromise, and we won't fail.--Alli Crews
  12. Favorite rainy day activity: Staying in bed and watching movies all day.
  13. What do you do when you're stressed: Clean, cry.
  14. Favorite time of the year: Fall.
  15. Favorite animal: I don’t really have one. I like dogs, but I’m scared of them. lol
  16. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter: Smooth.
  17. Foreign countries you've visited: Mexico.<3
  18. Favorite candy: Jolly Ranchers or Tamarindo candy.
  19. Cake or pie: Cake, but only if its tres leches.
  20. Favorite holiday: Halloween and Christmas.
  21. Favorite flower: Daisies.:)

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