33-Small Style

October 5, 2012

 Sweater: hand me down (from cousin), Dress: thrift store, Leggings: Target, 
Shoes: Pink Converse, Bow: Dollar Store

I never wear dresses or skirts or accessories. Don't get me wrong, I love all that girly stuff, but I'm just a jeans, t-shirt, and chucks kind of girl. I always thought that when I had daughters they would be tomboys, because that's how I was. Of course, I was wrong; both of my daughters love makeup, dresses, bows...anything and everything girly.
When I was a kid, I rarely got to choose my own clothes. My grandma bought my sister and I matching dresses (no, we're not twins) and made us wear them on the same days, so we always matched. I hated it! When my girls were babies I chose their outfits, but that stopped once they were old enough to let me know what they wanted to wear.
This means that sometimes my child will walk around wearing a romper, tutu, and purple rain boots. It means people will look at us funny and wonder why I let my kids out in public looking like that. (It also means that I don't care what people think, but that's a whole different story).
Sometimes I do want to make my kids go and change. I don't though. My parenting philosophy is this: choose your battles. I'd rather argue with my kids about their grades or the importance of being honest than about their mismatched outfits. So, yeah, that group of kids that look like they're homeless/pageant contestants/color blind, they're all mine.:)



  1. She is super cute!! I have always let my kids choose their outfits also!!! ( :